Godfrey Trail Project Activity

Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail Project Activities

In October 2016, an audience of 125 were treated to a five-star period dinner and an amazingly entertaining evening with Benjamin Godfrey and friends, resulting in a successful first effort introduction of the project to the community.  Since that date, the Committee has produced a Legacy Trail brochure which includes an abbreviated narrative of Godfrey, together with identifying the eight sites in Alton and Godfrey where Godfrey was involved. 



In February 2017, the Council was recognized at the Greater Alton &Tourism Bureau’s Tourism Summit at the Atrium Hotel, for our vision and leadership of the Benjamin Godfrey Trail Project.




B Godfrey NAGBC Mtg

The March meeting of NAGBC was held at Johnson’s Corner Restaraunt. Our two very esteemed guests present were Mr. Benjamin Godfrey and the Rev. Theron Baldwin, each sharing a bit of their history with the attendees. Since our time was limited, each could only share very brief snippets of their experiences but encouraged all to get involved with the Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail Project, initiated and sponsored by the NAGBC, for more information on how Benjamin Godfrey influenced the growth of the Alton/Godfrey community.

Mr. Godfrey’s impacts on the the local community are many. The Legacy Trail Project will be telling his story and will be a tourism boost for this area. A book, soon to be released, will be used in the local school system to educate our children on Mr. Godfrey’s contributions. This book will also be available to the general public and will help raise funding to further enhance completion of the project. The project has a two year target completion date, with a $90K budget target. To date, $20K has been raised.

If you would like to get more information about the project or to financially contribute, contact the Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail, P.O. Box 306, Godfrey, IL 62035 or go to the gofundme website, https://www.gofundme.com/benjamingodfrey.


Village of Godfrey Check to BGT ProjectIn April 2017, the Village of Godfrey, Mayor Mike McCormick, presented a check for $5000 to Benjamin Godfrey for the Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail Project.




On Thursday evening, 18 May, an initial book signing activity was held at Abby Inc., in Godfrey. On Saturday afternoon, May 20th, 2017, Lacy McDonald, Hayner Library, hosted the official book signing/fund raising show of “Seymour Bluffs and Benjamin Godfrey”, at the Hayner Genealogy Library in Alton. Book signings were done by the two authors, instructor/ 6 students whom contributed splendidly to the publication. Numerous student family members, interested members of the community and others were in attendance contributing to the sale of 94 books.

The book is part of a larger community project, spearheaded by the North Alton – Godfrey Business Council, in collaboration with the East End Improvement Association in Alton and the Alton School District. “Seymour Bluffs and Benjamin Godfrey” is a companion piece to augment the historical education being introduced into the school districts third grade curriculum.

Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail Adventure, October 12, 2017

Godfrey Trail Fund Raiser Oct 2017Come join a magical evening following the Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail. Watch as Benjamin Godfrey’s life unfolds before you.
Stroll the trail and hear about the nine trail sites. Listen to the stories of Captain Godfrey and Reverend Theron Baldwin as they relate the “ups and downs” of their lives.
Enjoy a delicious “period dinner” and purchase a video telling the Benjamin Godfrey story, coaster sets portraying two of the sites, and a book titled “Seymour Bluffs and Benjamin Godfrey”, by two local authors.

Advanced reservations are required – $50 per person. Reservation deadline: Oct 5, 2017
Tickets available at:
Liberty Bank, 2403 Homer Adams Parkway, Alton
Alton Region Tourism Bureau
or by mail:
Benjamin Godfrey Trail, P.O. Box 306, Godfrey, IL 62035
Make Checks payable to: “Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail”



The larger goal is to create the Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail, identifying historical landmarks tying Alton and Godfrey together. In addition to the book, Capt. Benjamin Godfrey’s efforts in the 1800’s are being documented and highlighted through multiple platforms: nine landmarks with historical markers, and informational brochure, a video documentary, and a self-guided audio tour with accompanying smart phone access to an audiovisual historical background. For more information about Benjamin Godfrey Legacy Trail please contact Zeke Jabusch at 618-779-9735.